Hi, my name is Jayson. I am the owner and co-founder of Temple of Strength. It’s always been my goal and dream every since I became a personal trainer in 2011 to own and manage my own fitness studio.

I’m glad to say that the dream has been achieved. Training for me is much more than just lifting weights, it’s the physical as well as the mental. This is why I am happy we created a brand that I think covers all aspects of our vision. 

I’ve always been involved in sport. I played football and basketball from a young age.

I decided in my early 20’s to move to Thailand and study the true form of Thai boxing for 6 months. 

I have over 20 years experience in the world of fitness and I feel with our brand we are now in the position to positively influence people of all ages and all walks of life on the importance of  physical and mental health. 

My specialties include kickboxing based sessions, weight management (which covers any of weight loss, muscle building and toning), pre- and post- natal, and sport-specific training such as football, rugby or hockey. I enjoy training anyone and everyone, and I love a challenge!

I aim to make the sessions as fun and hands-on as possible, avoiding repetitive and monotonous activities. Prices can include any necessary fitness testing, a written programme with progressions for you to follow when in the gym and not having personal training, nutritional analysis, and any advice you could possibly need.

Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and requests, whether these sessions are for individuals, couples, or small groups.

Abbie Benjamins

Abbie PT

Hi, I’m Abbie, a fully qualified level 3 PT, and class instructor teaching all kinds of fitness classes every week, from 1 on 1 classes to Legs, Bums & Tums, High Intensity Training or Spin.

Growing up, I was often teased about my weight. Something many of us can sadly relate to. But that only motivated me to make a change. Now I’m on a mission to share my fitness secrets with you.

Bodybuilders. Gymnasts and athletes. Nutritionists and sports scientists. Working with these people from across the fitness world for over 10 years, I’ve built the knowledge needed to help you achieve your body goals.
One of the biggest things I learnt on my personal training and healthy eating journey, is that sometimes you need to be savage with yourself to be strong.

So, whatever your fitness goals, I’ll whip you into shape. In a good way! Whether that’s weight loss, muscle gain, toning and sculpting or just generally feeling more fit in yourself – you can check my clients’ feedback to see exactly how I tailor a fitness and dietary routine to your requirements.

I don’t mess about when it comes to fitness. Because getting to your goal isn’t always easy, but nothing worthwhile in life is. So hit me up today and start challenging yourself on the road to a figure you can be proud of.

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Phone : +44 (0) 7904 354 838

Mon - Fri : 6:30-21:00
Sat & Sun : 9:00-15:00