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Level 4 Personal Trainer, Yoga, Pre & Post Natal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Self Defence Trainer


Jayson has been a personal trainer since 2011 and a qualified yoga teacher since 2016. With his background in martial arts; flexibility and mobility was an important aspect of conditioning.

In the current climate where the majority of the population are working from home, he decided to teach flexibility classes to help his clients and the general public to improve their range of motion, mobility and improve their quality of life.

Working as a full time personal trainer and training himself has made him realise the importance of stretching and meditating regularly.


Pilates & Yoga


Donna trained as a Yoga teacher learning from highly revered yogis Katy Appleton, David Swenson, Shiva Rea and Michael Gannon. She then turned to pilates and is now a well respected pilates teacher.

Donna‘s classes are taught with a sense of humour, free-spirited and everyone always has fun.  She wants clients to find their happy today and tomorrow.  Donna says, “When you change how you think!  You change how you feel!” Donna can not wait to see you on the mat.

Anna Slorach

Barre & Pilates


Barre & Pilates
A dedicated and experienced fitness professional with a passion for improving client health, wellness and quality of life. By drawing on my years of experience as a professional dancer and qualified Barre and Pilates instructor, I am able to curate creative and fresh group and PT sessions. These unique skills allow me to motivate and inspire others to begin or continue their fitness journey.




Victoria is a passionate, warm, nurturing teacher who believes yoga should be inclusive and accessible to all. Her classes offer a dynamic sequence, connecting breath and movement to create strength, stamina and flexibility. She encourages a sense of fun on the mat, creating a safe space to explore new things whilst releasing tension and quietening the mind. By incorporating asana, pranayama and meditation her classes leave students feeling relaxed and connected with mind and body.

Chloe Bowman 

Mat Pilate & Stretch and mobility


Chloe grew up in St. Augustine, Florida where she danced in the kitchen and in studios from a young age. She has a BFA in Dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University and a MFA in Choreography from Trinity Laban where she was a Leverhulme Scholar. She completed her Pilates mat certification at The Kane School in New York before moving to London in 2019. As a teacher, choreographer, performer and person Chloe believes in empathy, holding space, compassion, play, accountability, and lots of questions.

 Suzanne Pendlebury

Vinyasa flow & Yin Yoga


Growing up in Manchester after studying Fashion I moved to London to begin a career in fashion buying. Practicing yoga for over 20 years, what began as a way to escape the stresses of a busy career and sometimes life, soon became a way to actually look within and for life not to escape me, to find moments of calm, gaining skills that could be taken off the mat and into everyday life.

Grateful to have practiced in studios and with great teachers who were very welcoming, wanting to create that same safe and welcoming space to all who practice with me. Learning to understand what works for you and your body, taking away the pressure we often put on ourselves, no expectations, no judgement. Always the option to adapt your practice however feels right, challenging if that feels good or easing off, finding the balance that works for you. And hopefully have some fun along the way….

Alice smith



Specialising in Ballroom, Latin and Commercial, Alice has competed and performed all over the country for many years. She loves the freedom that moving your body to music provides and wants to share that through her classes. Alice has taught Dance Fitness since 2018 and her approach is to create a fun, supportive environment where people can give things a go! Be prepared for 90s pop, dance moves for all abilities and the chance to release your inner Beyonce.

Victoria Roberts

Pole Fitness & Pilates


My name is Victoria, and I am a pole fitness instructor for the Temple of Strength. I have always had a passion for sports from an early age, and whilst growing up, so when I left school I attended Loughborough College and completed my OND in Sport and Leisure. I became a swimming coach, aerobics instructor and circuit trainer.
Then In 2016 I experienced my first pole fitness lesson. It was my then 12 year old daughter who wanted to try a pole fitness class, so I accompanied her. After the first lesson, I fell in love with the art form and the desire to achieve the beautiful shapes. With pole fitness comes body awareness and positivity, and it also promotes time for self-wellbeing and mindfulness. I found a new pole fitness community, where fun, support and encouragement are all combined.
I went on to complete my beginner pole instructor course in 2019. Teaching pole and being able to share the pole journey with students is such a pleasure and so rewarding. I went on to accomplish my intermediate training in 2020 and advanced training in 2021. I then obtained pole flow and spin pole certificates in 2022. My goal for 2023 is to complete the paediatric pole course, and to then introduce under 18s to the joy of the pole life.




(Shi) is a qualified yoga teacher based in South London. After almost ten years of dedicated practice, she became qualified in April 2022 and has been offering classes in-person and online since. With a background in dance and a love for Ashtanga, her Vinyasa flows are fun, expressive and dynamic. Shi comments “you don’t have to be flexible or look a certain way to start yoga, the only thing you need is to have a body! Yoga is for everyone and has countless benefits, both physically and mentally. The biggest lesson I have learnt since practicing is how to exhale and truly decompress.”

Abbie Benjamins

PT & LBT Trainer


Hi, I’m Abbie, a fully qualified level 3 PT, and class instructor teaching all kinds of fitness classes every week, from 1 on 1 classes to Legs, Bums & Tums, High Intensity Training or Spin.

Growing up, I was often teased about my weight. Something many of us can sadly relate to. But that only motivated me to make a change. Now I’m on a mission to share my fitness secrets with you.

Bodybuilders. Gymnasts and athletes. Nutritionists and sports scientists. Working with these people from across the fitness world for over 10 years, I’ve built the knowledge needed to help you achieve your body goals.
One of the biggest things I learnt on my personal training and healthy eating journey, is that sometimes you need to be savage with yourself to be strong.

So, whatever your fitness goals, I’ll whip you into shape. In a good way! Whether that’s weight loss, muscle gain, toning and sculpting or just generally feeling more fit in yourself – you can check my clients’ feedback to see exactly how I tailor a fitness and dietary routine to your requirements.

I don’t mess about when it comes to fitness. Because getting to your goal isn’t always easy, but nothing worthwhile in life is. So hit me up today and start challenging yourself on the road to a figure you can be proud of.


Pilates, Core & Dance


Having grown up dancing all her life in Cyprus with teacher Sharon Montague who showed her the world of dance, attending workshops with Taste of New York, Jaquel Knight, summer schools with Nancy Turano at NJDTE, an Eisteddfod in Johannesburg, all this leading to pursuing a career in the art.

She took the leap and moved to the UK to study at The Hammond in Chester receiving an Honors Degree in Dance . Going straight into the showgirl world in 2013, her career took off with a dinner show for Best Parties Ever, Benidorm Palace and Global International shows.

Moving onto cruise lines like Costa Cruise Lines and then Carnival Cruise Lines as a dancer, singer and dance captain. Hannah also experienced working in a casin, Broadway Macau for Bor Productions

In between contracts, Hannah loves freelance dance teaching to children all the way to adults for studios like Studio 25 in Manchester, StagePro Academy Warrington and Free Flight Dance Centre, her studio back home in Cyprus, working on open classes and competition solos.

Not only is Hannah a dancer, she has modelling experience and is agency represented. She has worked on set on the film Boiling Point with Stephen Graham, a dancer for AMEX Gold commercial and was a hand model for a Hula Hoops commercial.

As well as her career in the arts, Hannah is a mat Pilates Instructor and has a strong passion for health and wellbeing.

With a strong determined work ethic, quick mind, friendly and bubbly personality, Hannah would like to take her career to the next step when the time is right and choreograph or own her own production company.t of life.

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