Hi, I’m Temple the dog. I’m a beagle and I was born 11th November 2019 and came into your lives 17th January 2020. I come to work at Temple of Strength studio in Penge everyday with my Dad and owner of Temple Of Strength, Jayson. My dad is a Personal Trainer and teaches various classes in the studio including The Mindful Stretch.

I like to greet all our members and encourage them to exercise as it is super important to be healthy.I take a long walk in Crystal Palace Park every day and I have a lot of other dog friends there. We run around and chase each other and it is so much fun!

My favourite spot at Temple of Strength is sitting by the front door, watching people walking on Penge High Street go by. Humans outside see me and they sometimes stop to look at me, waves and give me cuddles and treats

I also like hanging around in the garden, where there is an outdoor gym and I watch the humans who hold classes during the summer.

I love eating chicken, liver, fish, carrots, peas, beef, lamb, bones, broccoli, apples, blueberries, cheese, kidneys, turkey, rice, yogurt.

So, come and see me when you come for a PT session or a class or even to use our new outdoor gym! You can also follow me on Instagram @templeofstrengthdog

I look forward to meeting you all as I am very friendly and enjoy giving hugs xx

21 High Street Penge SE20 7HJ

Phone : +44 (0) 7904 354 838

Mon - Fri : 6:30-21:00
Sat & Sun : 9:00-15:00